suspicion of psoriasis
       What should you do when there is a        suspicion of psoriasis ?

When there is a suspicion of psoriasis , it is always better to approach a qualified , attentive and ready to help dermatologist. He/ she will hear and examine you and confirm whether you are having psoriasis or not. Make it a point to discuss at the beginning itself regarding the do’s and don’ts in psoriasis. You have to ventilate your anxieties and worries so that effective positive advices may be gathered. It is futile to discuss “why I contracted the disease?. This will neither benefit the doctor nor you. You should also require the various treatment modalities available and its applicability in you. You may ask for more information on psoriasis and he / she may provide you some authentic links. The aim of discussion should be to acquire more knowledge about psoriasis than to argue out certain points such as usefulness of one modality of treatment over others; magical remedy given by one particular person etc. You may also read authentic literature on psoriasis and popular books on psoriasis. Dermatology department of Amala Institute of Medical Sciences has produced a simple , easily readable pamphlet on psoriasis in Malayalam, which may be obtained on demand.

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