Treatment of psoriasis
       Treatment of psoriasis

        Among the patients there is a false notion that there is no treatment for psoriasis. Those days are gone. Definitely there are effective medications and modalities available for the treatment of psoriasis. Since there are many options available, it requires meticulous planning for implementation of correct management strategy.
The available treatment of psoriasis may be grouped into 1. Those with drugs used on the skin surface (topical therapy)2. Those with drugs used internally (systemic therapy) 3. Treatment using ultraviolet rays (photo therapy ) 4. Combination of these 5. Other modalities.
The choice of treatment depends on various factors such as extend of the disease, type of disease and the psychological issues associated with the disease. It has always been mentioned that “each patient has his/ her own psoriasis”. So treatment must be tailor made. However in clinical practice two major factors decide the treatment 1. the extend of the disease and 2. Stability of the disease. It is better to consider the factors such as economic situation of the patient and quality of life issues involved
For treatment propose psoriasis may be divided into mild, moderate and severe disease. This division is based on the body surface area involved. In mild disease, it is recommended to use topical treatment ; whereas in moderate and severe disease, systemic treatment is used.

       Topical Treatment(Treatment with drugs which        are used as application)

There are a number of drugs used on the surface of skin. All these drugs are useful in a given situation. The following drugs are used routinely such as 1. Liquid paraffin 2. Coal tar 3. Corticosteroids 4. Vit. D analogue 5. Topical retinoid 6. Topical Calcinurin inhibitor. These drugs will give useful effects provided they are used judiciously . However, there are some side effects due to these drugs. Patients who are using these drugs should be aware of such problems and report them immediately .

      Systemic drugs

        When psoriasis is of moderate or severe type systemic drugs are used. There are a number of drugs available for the systemic therapy of psoriasis such as 1. Methotrexate2. Systemic corticosteroids 3.Retinoids 4. Cyclosporine. 5. Biological's. All these drugs are highly useful to make the psoriasis under control. However it requires guidance of an experienced person during the treatment period as strict monitoring is absolutely necessary during treatment with these drugs.

      Other forms of treatment

         There are other useful modalities of treatment also. The most important being photo therapy and photo chemotherapy. In these types of treatments a part of light energy is used. Ultraviolet A and Ultraviolet B (UVA & UVB) are the light sources. These two lights belong to the ultraviolet spectrum of the solar light. In the UVB spectrum only a narrow band is used and this portion is known as narrow band UVB (NBUVB). In photo chemotherapy along with light source (UVA) psoralen is also used and hence known as PUVA.

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