Psoriasis is an eminently manageable genetically determined, chronic disease of skin with implications in the longevity as well as quality of life. Since it is a chronic disease, it requires a proper understanding of the illness to lead a productive life. More over psoriasis patients are proved to have inherent depression and hence a clear understanding of it is necessary to alternate the fear associated with it.
Psoriasis is a genetically determined disease. This implies that the chance of developing it starts when the baby is in utero. It does not mean that all patients with the genetic propensity will invariably develop the disease. So what determines the expression of psoriasis on skin? . A number of factors are operative for the process. This knowledge about the factors is partial; however the known factors include environmental factors, psychological, drug related , other diseases and it goes on. Understanding of these factors will help to modify the disease outcome and may lead to a proper control of the disease.
There is a common misconception that there are no ‘ medicines’ to treat psoriasis. This is a totally wrong idea. There is a long list of drugs varying in cost and efficacy that help control of the disease.
The ideal management requires addressing various issues. Researchers have found that psoriatic will have a high chance to develop metabolic syndrome and hence are prone to develop other life threatening issues. It has been proved that the cardiac events such as myocardial infarction is more in psoriatic patients. This is related to the increased change of alterations in the various cholesterol fractions. So all patients with psoriasis should change their life style so that the cardiac events are reduced and thereby the life expectancy is prolonged.. Psoriasis gives an opportunity to early detection of these abnormalities so that proper care may be given from an early date.
It is proved beyond doubt that psoriasis is largely influenced by different stresses. All type of stress psychological and physical are influencing the precipitation and perpetuation of the disease. Here again psoriasis may be either managed by identification of various stresses and its modification.
So a thorough understanding of the disease and a proper management with due consideration of the psychological aspects will help to improve the outcome of psoriasis.

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