Childhood psoriasis
       Childhood psoriasis

        Because of increased awareness and concern among public as well as more understanding of the disease, the detection of psoriasis in children has increased. This has resulted in never challenges which requires new answers. It should be understood that childhood psoriasis is not a miniature form of adult psoriasis. Childhood psoriasis has its own peculiarities . Many adults who are having psoriasis had the appearance of the disease in childhood.
The diagnosis of psoriasis in children is based on the clinical features of the disease. Biopsy of the lesion is rarely necessary for diagnosis. Usually it presents as small as well as medium sized lesions. It is commonly seen over trunk and scalp. Sometimes it may present as small guttate (rain drop like) lesions. The disease is usually followed by upper respiratory infection. In infants diaper area is a favored site for psoriasis. Scalp is the commonest area of involvement in children. In a few, there is an overlap between eczema and psoriasis. Psoriatic arthritis is not very common in children.
Psoriasis causes emotional disturbance among children and parents. The emotional disturbances in turn affects the development of the child. Hence a proper information must be given to children and their parents regarding the disease and its treatment. Emphasis should be given regarding its non infections nature, treatable nature of the disease and should be encouraged to participate all childhood arthritis.
The treatment should be as simple as possible. It is always better to approach a dermatologist who has special interest in childhood psoriasis than to approach any dermatologist.

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